Brown Snake
Storeria dekayi

Photo by JD Willson

Description: Brown snakes are usually light brown in color, but may be rather gray or reddish brown. The brown snake typically has a pale stripe running down the middle of its back and has a row of small dark spots on its sides. The belly is whitish and often has black spots along its edges. Brown snakes have rough (keeled) scales.

Feeding/Diet: They are frequent inhabitants of flowerbeds and eat slugs, earthworms, and snails.

Habitat/Range: This snake is common in vacant lots and forested areas and may be found under trash, logs, and rocks.

Reproduction: During the summer, brown snakes give live birth to 4–25 young.

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The shaded region represents the range of the brown snake in North Carolina.

Photo by Eric Stine

A reddish individual.
Photo by RW Van Devender

A brown snake feeding on an earthworm.
Photo by RW Van Devender

Photo by RW Van Devender Photo by JD Willson

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