3D Structure of GFP

See the chromophore portion of GFP.

See the carboxyl and amino termini of the protein.

The amino terminus is highlighted in blue.

The carboxyl terminus is highlighted in yellow.

See where HixC was inserted (highlighted in pink). The HixC site does not interfere with GFP function because it is not close vicinity with the chromophore portion.

See the two GFP fragments.

GFP1 (aa 1-157) is highlighted in blue.

GFP2 (aa 158-240) is highlighted in yellow.

Amino acids 157 and 158 are highlighted in pink.

See amino acids 157 and 158. The HixC site was inserted in between amino acids 157 and 158.

Amino acid 157 is highlighted in blue.

Amino acid 158 is highlighted in yellow.

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