Entrance Exam for Molecular Biology
(non-graded survey of what you know)

1) What is a genomic library?

2) a. Draw a box around one ribose.
b. Label the 5' end of both strands.
c. Draw a triangle around the nucleotide on the top strand which was added last when the strand was synthesized.
d. Is this DNA or RNA? See magnified nucleotide below.

3) What is a P element?

4) What is the target molecule of in situ hybridization?

5) What is the difference between a Western blot, a Southern blot, and a Northern blot?

6) Give the names of the following amino acids.


7) List all the ingredients you would need to add to a restriction enzyme digestion.

8) List the parts of a typical plasmid.

9) What is an expression vector?

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