Group Investigation: Designing Biological Devices with Synthetic Biology

Fall, 2007 (1 afternoon a week, plus lab time)

A. Malcolm Campbell

Tentative Syllabus: Group Investigation in Synthetic Biology

Course Goals

1) Conduct original research in the new area of synthetic biology. See a reprint to get a feel for this newest off-shoot of genomics. This class will continue with the research initiated on campus during the summer of 2007.

2) Learn the value and skills required to integrate math/computer science, engineering, and biology.

3) Work collaboratively in a small group, with a lot of unscheduled time and independence. This course will be very similar to a first year graduate rotation project, but it is not limited to students interested in graduate school.

4) Make a presentation at the second annual "jamboree" at MIT November 4 - 5. See one account.

5) Draft a manuscript for submission to an appropriate journal.


Student Investigators (SIs)

Grades will be based on lab participation (25%), lab notebooks (25%), research design and analysis (25%), final project (written/oral; 25%). Assignments turned in late will be docked 1 letter grade for each 24 hour period. We will need to have a team presentation (powerpoint/web/wiki) that will count towards your lab participation grade. Each person will write a scientific paper for a solo grade.

Logistical Details
Ceiling will be capped at 6 students. Research groups will be organized the first day of class, but projects may be coordinated among groups, depending on class dynamics and student interests.

Course Materials
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