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Genomics -- Fall Semester 2001

Dr. Malcom Campbell

This web page was produced as an assignment for an undergraduate course at Davidson College.

This is a student web page designed to present four different genes throughout the course of the semester.

1. The initial project is a discussion of the mammalian gene Per which is responsible, in conjunction with several other genes, for establishing and maintaining circadian rhythms. Click here to see this project.

2. The second project is an examination of two different yeast genes. The first page examines an annotated gene, SST2, a GTPas activator. The second page examines, a non-annotated gene on yeast Chromosome IV, YDR078C, of which little is known except its sequence.

3. The third project takes SST2 and YDR078C and examines them using microarray data available online at the Stanford Yeast Genome Database. Click here to view the project.

4. The final project continues the yeast theme to the proteomic level. Here you will find a discussion of the function and structure of the proteins from the first two projects. Additionally, I have designed a proteomics experiment that will further investigate the non-annotated gene, YDR078C.

I've also made three other websites this semester for Imaging the Earth, a GIS seminar, and senior colloquium.

1. Iron fertilization hypothesis -- senior colloquium

2. Cetaceans and GIS -- Imaging the Earth

3. Animal Movement analysis on tursiops truncatus -- Imaging the Earth

*When I don't think about yeast genes or circadian rhythm, I work at places like Nature Camp. Here's a picture of me from the summer during closing ceremonies.


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