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No known molecular function or biological process.

Locus: YSCL9638

Chromosome XII

15175 bp

GenBank accession number: U19102.1

Description: Hypothetical ORF

Phenotype: Systematic deletion viable

Figure1. Features around YLR352W on chromosome XII. Spanning a region 10 kb left and 10 kb right
(coordinates 824351 to 846162). Light blue bar represents the chromosome you are viewing. Red bars are Watson strand ORFs and blue bars are Crick strand ORFs. Notice the location next to BUD8. Permission requested from

Figure 2. Kyte Doolittle hydropathy plot.

The YLR352W gene does not appear to have potential for a transmembrane domain because the graph does not show a peak near or above 2. (Fig.2)

At the PREDATOR site ( a secondary structure prediction can be made. With the known protein sequence, at the site predicted 23.92% alpha helices, 13.63% extended strands, and 62.45% random coils.

No hits were found for the protein on the Conserved Domain Database

Because the gene is located near proteins involved in bipolar budding, a good prediction would be that the YLR352W gene may also be involved in this process.

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