Welcome. This is the home page for my Independent Study in Proteomics with Dr. Campbell.


1) Chime Tutorials

T7 RNA Polymerase Chime Tutorial (requires Chime Plug-in)

Beginners Manual for Making Chime Tutorials (Zip file)

Zip file includes manual document (PDF, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader), as well as 3 template web pages and 1 PDB file. Click here to download the PDF file seperately.

2) VMD: viewing molecules in sterographic mode

A Brief Tutorial for VMD (MS Word)

A Few Nice VMD Save States (Zip file)

Zip file includes notes (VMDstates.txt) plus 8 save states.

3) Protein Crystalization

An Overview of Protein Crystallization (web page)

Complete manual for crystalizing lysozyme (1.8 MB PDF file)


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