Here are some figures generated by
Molecular Biology students (spring 1998)


These are the immunoblots (Western) produced by students using the anti-T7 antibody against the fusion product of yeast IDH and T7 gene 10 product.

This is the Southern blot (zooblot) that used
genomic DNA from genome organisms

Figure 2. Photograph of a 0.5% agarose gel containing genomic DNA digested with EcoR I. Lane 1 is 1 kb ladder, 2 is E. coli (Sigma), 3 is S. ceriviseae, 4 is Chlamydomonas, 5 is Drosophila, 6 is mouse (Sigma), 7 is student hair follicle DNA, 8 is commercial (Sigma) human DNA.

Figure 3. X-ray film after probing membrane with yeast IDH PCR product. Detection was performed with Amersham's ECL kit. Lanes are identical to those in figure 2.

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