Diagram of CLONTECH's amplification of cDNA through the use of SMART RACE.

    The SMART RACE cDNA Amplification Kit is the latest technology in cDNA amplification (PCR).  SMART stands for Switching Mechanism At 5' end of RNA Transcript.  This mechanism is what allows the 5' end to be more efficiently and successfully amplified resulting in SMART RACE's ability to amplify cDNA with the 5' end and therefore longer than the cDNA amplified using the previous RACE technology.  A sizeable problem resulting from the use of RACE technology is that of excessive background.  Because RACE needs more starting material from which to amplify the cDNA, researchers using this technique are forced to use total RNA instead of the mRNA.  Therefore, cDNA is amplified in small quantities from the total RNA as well as the mRNA included and background noise results.

I hope that you enjoyed this page and got helpful in(Rapid Amplification of cDNA Ends) - Protocols developed to facilitate the cloning of the 5' (5'-RACE) or
(Rapid Amplification of cDNA Ends) - Protocols developed to facilitate the cloning of the 5' (5'-RACE) or
                   3' (3'-RACE) ends of a cDNA using information obtained from an incomplete cDNA clone. Frohman,
                   M.A., Dush, M.K. and Martin, G.R. (1988) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 85, 8998.
(Polymerase Chain Reaction) - Amplification of a specific fragment of DNA using polymerase extension
                   of two specific oligonucleotides complementary to the region of interest. Saiki, R.K. et al. (1985) Science
                   230, 1350.

NOTICE: this webpage was created for solely educational purposes for an undergraduate course at Davidson College.  None of the items or methods listed are available for purchase.  The manufacturer of this amplification kit is Clontech.  If you are interested in their product, please contact them at 1-800-662-2566.

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