Unit One

Genome Sequences

Chapter 3: Genomic Variations

Section 3.1 Environmental Case Study

  • Can genomic diversity affect global warming?

Math Minutes:

3.1 How do you measure genetic variations?
3.2 How are populations modeled?


Section 3.2 Human Genomic Variation

  • How much variation is in the human genome?
  • Why should we care about SNPs?
  • Are there any known examples of SNPs that cause diseases?
  • Are there any known changes in non-disease QTL due to SNPs?
  • Why the SNP Frenzy? Pharmacogenomics!

Math Minutes:

3.3 Are all SNPs really SNPs?

Information Box:

3.1 What's the difference between a mutation and an allele?
3.2 Patent Law and Genomics


Section 3.3 The ultimate Genomic Phenotype - Death?

  • Why do we age?
  • Are there hidden costs for a prolonged life?
  • Do bacteria experience genomic trade-offs too?

Section 3.4 Ethical Consequences of Genomic Variations

  • Are genetically modified organisms bad?
  • Is genetic testing good?
  • Are there simple applications for complex genomes?

Information Box:

3.3 Should I get a genetic test?

Methods for Genomic Variations

15 Second Biographies of Genomic Variation Researchers

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