Unit Two

Genome Expression

Chapter 6: Proteomics


Section 6.1 Introduction

  • What do all these proteins do?
  • Which proteins are needed in different conditions?
  • Can you live without some proteins?

Math Minutes:

6.1 How do you know if you have sampled enough cells?


Section 6.2 Protein 3D Structures

  • Does a protein’s shape reveal its function?
  • Can we use structures to develop better drugs?
  • Can one protein kill you?

Section 6.3 Protein Interaction Networks

  • Which proteins interact with each other?
  • How can we measure protein interactions?
  • Is it possible to understand proteome-wide interactions?

Math Minutes:

6.2 Is Sup35 a central protein in the network?


Section 6.4 Measuring Proteins

  • How do we know which proteins are present?
  • What proteins do our white blood cells need to kill a pathogen?
  • How much of each protein is present?
  • Can we make protein chips?
  • Are all cells equal?
  • What does a proteome produce?

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