Unit One

Genome Sequences

Chapter 1: Genome Sequence Acquisition and Analysis


Section 1.1 Defining Genomes

  • What is genomics?
  • How are whole genomes sequenced?
  • Why do databases contain so many partial sequences?
  • How do we make sense of all these bases?
  • Can we predict protein functions?
  • How well are genes conserved in diverse species?
  • How do you know which bases form a gene?
  • How many proteins can one gene make?

Math Minutes:

1.1 What is an E-value?

Information Box:

1.1 Which draft sequence is better?


Section 1.2 What have we learned from the human genome draft sequences?

  • Overview of human genome first draft.
  • Can we describe a typical human gene?
  • When are the data sufficient?
  • Can the genome alter gene expression without changing the DNA sequence?

Information Box:

1.2 Whose DNA did we sequence?


Chapter 2: Genome Sequence Acquisition and Analysis

Section 2.1 Evolution and Genomes

  • How did eukaryotes evolve?
  • What is the origin of our species?

Math Minutes:

2.1 Are the hit numbers significantly different?
2.2 How do you know if the tree is right?


Section 2.2 Genomic Identifications

  • How can we identify biological weapons?
  • How long can DNA survive?
  • How did tuberculosis reach North America?
  • How are newly emerging diseases identified?

Section 2.3 Biomedical Genome Research

  • Can we use genomic sequences to make new vaccines?
  • Can we make new types of antibiotics?
  • Can we invent new types of medications?
  • How can E. coli be lethal and in our intestines at the same time?

Math Minutes:

2.3 How can you tell if base compositions are different?


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