Embeding Chime Figures on Netscape

So you want to embed a chime file so that it appears on your web page, like this one of ATP:

1) To do this, you must go to the Insert Menue of Netscape Composer and select "HTML tag..."

2) A dialog box will appear.

Type in this phrase exactly like this:

<EMBED SRC="filename.pdb" WIDTH="350" HEIGHT="350" ALIGN="BOTTOM">

3) This tells the web browser you want to embed a file whose source name is inside the " ". You must save your file with the sufix of .pdb (e.g. ATP.pdb). The size of the chime image will be 350 pixels wide and 350 pixels high, a good starting place but not necessarily what you want. You may change these numbers.

4) Click on OK and as long as the pdb file is inside your folder, it will work. When you have done it successfully, you will see something like this on your composer file:

5) To modify your HTML tag, click once on the box that will be your figure to highlight it. Then hold down the apple key and type the letter "I". This will allow you to modify the size of your chime image.

6) Test your web page to make sure it works. Of course, you must have a computer that already has the chime plugin working. If you could not see the ATP molecule at the top of this page, you will not be able to see your chime file either.

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