Logic Behind Relative Links

Let's imagine that you have a root folder called by your user name. Inside this folder are other folders as indicated in the diagram below. There are links going in and out of your root folder.

Tips for naming

1) Keep the name short and descriptive but do not insert spaces.

2) You must end file names in either .html or .htm for a browser to read them. You must name figures as either .gif or .jpeg for a browser to see them.

3) Do not use dashes (-) or slashes (/ or \ ) or dots (.) in names of files (except as noted in 2) or folders. You can use underlines ( _ ) or squiggles (~) if you want.

4) Don't create a folder unless it helps you keep organized but don't avoid them or else your root folder will get too crazy.

Here is another way of looking at the folders and files in the figure above, but this second figure is what your root folder will look like on your computer.




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