Gridding the ISB Yeast Chips 2001-2002

This is one grid, made of 23 rows and 24 columns:

This is a scan of two grids using Syber Green to show all the features, or spots. Notice that you can see which ones did not print properly. These have been flagged for us in the gene file. Each grid has 23 rows and 24 columns, if every spot printed properly.

This is what one meta grid looks like:

Here is what our chips look like:

And this is a scan of the full chip:

Here is the output we get because all of this is rotated 90 degrees clockwise.

Scans since January, 2002 do not have the last few spots cut off. Our scan area has been increased.

Here's the general layout for all the slides prior to rotation (looking at the slide vertically, with etched label at bottom):

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