What happened to my tiff files?

This page will give you some ideas about what may have gone wrong/less that right with your DNA microarrays. These images are from the GCAT 2009 DNA microarray workshop. Thanks to all the participants for sharing their data.

Click on the image you want to see full size.


Slide 0191

Whole slide

Cover slip not all the way up

Uneven mixing of hybe solution

Uneven mixing of hybe solution

Slide 0193

Whole slide

bubble trapped under cover slip

dye gradient due to uneven mixing

Slide 0195

Whole slide


Dirt and grit due to poor mixing of
probes prior to hybridization

Drops of liquid dried on slide



Slide 0196

Whole slide

Drying of wash solution

Hybe did not cover
all spots evently



Slide 0200

Whole slide


Top part of grid not
covered by cover slip



Halo effect caused by printing,
not your fault.




Slide 0202

Whole slide

Scratch and uneven
distribution of hybe solution.





Slide 0210

Whole slide

Hybe solution did not
reach top left corner.

Bubble covered a grid.



Slide 0244

Whole slide







Slide 0245

Whole slide

Drop of wash buffer dripped "up"
from barcode at the bottom of the image.





Slide 0246

Whole slide

Small chunk of Cy5 dye bled and the top
half of grid not covered by cover slip





Slide 0329

Whole slide

Hybe solution not evenly
distributed with red dye
biased in the middle.

Overall red may be due to weak
RT for green cDNA synthesis






Slide 203

Whole Slide

weak RT reaction for Cy3

Slide 207

Whole Slide

SDS dried from
wash solution

Slide 209

Whole Slide

Drip of SDS from washing

Slide 211

Whole Slide

Dried spot of wash solution

any file

Loaded the same
file for both colors.








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