Popular Misconceptions Concerning Other Amphibians and Reptiles
Legless Lizards 
A common myth concerning legless lizards (genus Ophisaurus; which are also called "jointed lizards" and "glass lizards") is that when they are disturbed they will break up into segments and that these segments rejoin at a later time.  Legless lizards are similar to other lizards in that they have the ability to break off portions of their tail in order to escape danger.  However, once a lizard loses a portion of its body it is never able to reattach that portion.   
 Eastern Glass Lizard  (Ophisaurus ventralis) 
 photo credit: Michael Dorcas
Snapping Turtles 
Some people believe that when a snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentina) bites it will not let go until it thunders.  This myth is of course entirely false.  Snapping turtles have very strong jaws, and when they bite they hold on vigorously.   Thunder has nothing to do with when they will let go.  Perhaps the best way to avoid running into this problem is to keep one's hands away from the jaws of the snapping turtle.  
photo credit: Jeff Beane
Toads and Warts 
A common myth about toads is that they can give you warts.  Although a toad's skin is warty in appearance, it is not responsible for causing warts in humans.  Human warts are caused by a virus that is in no way related to the skin of toads. 
American Toad  (Bufo americanus) 
photo credit: Jerry Reynolds