Comparison of Radioactive v. Non-radioactive DNA Sequencing Methods


If you use fluorescence instead of radioactive isotopes when sequencing DNA, you can use automated sequencers and generate much more data in less time. The one sequencing run below was done on a cDNA from Chlamydomonas. There are four panels of data with the first nucleotide on the left side of the top panel. Here is a sample of what you can get. From this sequence, can you figure out which part of the cDNA has been sequenced?

Panel #1

Panel #2

Panel #3

Panel #4

Now compare that with the data below which were generated with S35 and X-ray film. The oder of the lanes from left to right are: C T A G. This is NOT the same DNA as shown above. Can you read some sequence and figure out what the template was?

The X-ray film data were generated by Dr. Pam Hay, Davidson College Biology Dept.

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