CIS 261 Spring 2008: Chambers 3155 9:30-10:20am MWF

Forensic science is the application of science to the law and encompasses various scientific disciplines. Topics discussed will include organic and inorganic chemical analyses of physical evidence, principles of serology and DNA analysis, identification of fresh and decomposed human remains, ballistics, and drug analysis.  The field is interdisciplinary and so is the course approach. We (the three professors) will participate during all of the classes. We will work, alone and in groups, to develop and research questions involving forensic methods and their analysis. We will use the untimely death of Anna Nicole Smith and subsequent paternity case surrounding her infant daughter Dannielynn Birkhead and the Branch Davidian mass fatality in Waco, Texas to introduce technique and theory, to demonstrate the how solving a case requires an interdisciplinary team approach and to allow you to practice your analytical and logical reasoning skills.

Syllabus Spring 2008

* NOTE: This course is a 'pure elective'. It is a course credit toward graduation. It doesn't not 'count' toward any major or core requirement.


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