Where Does All the Aid Go?

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-Much of the grain intended for starving individuals in developing nations ends up feeding the government or military regime that has caused much of the hunger problems. By feeding the leaders and military units of the government in question, they are able to survive and to continue to oppress and mistreat the masses.

-Due to bureaucratic red tape, much of the U.S. grain intended to be exported as aid simply remains in the nation’s grain stores. Still more aid is fed to livestock or destroyed because it cannot be sold at a profit.11

(permission pending) photo courtesy of www.worldhunger.org

-When aid does reach its intended recipients in developing countries, it is often poorly distributed simply based on geography. Some people live too far away from the distribution site and the distance makes traveling to get the aid impossible.

-Due to political reasons, many heads of state or departments of agriculture will not accept aid given by certain countries. These political reasons can range from the fact that the two countries do not have good relations to the fact that the aid contains genetically modified compnents that the recipient nations do not think are safe or desirable.