From Venoms and Toxins to Drugs

Projects from Fall 1999
Medicinal Uses of Venoms and Toxins
Medicinal Plants
Uses of Herbal Drugs in Society
Wild Cells and the Toxins that Kill Them:  Cancer and Chemotherapy: 
Bufo Toads and Bufotenine: Fact and Fiction Surrounging an Alleged Psychedelic. by T. Lyttle, D. Goldstein, J. Dartz. 1996 vol 28 (267-289). J. of Psychoactive Drugs. The Poppy by P White. 1985 Feb (143-189) National Geographic Medicinal Herbs in the United States: Research Needs. by H Matthews, G. Lucier, K Fisher. 1999 vol 107 (773-778) Environmental Health Perspectives The Physician and Alternative Cancer Therapies. by I Lerner
Alternative Therapies 1996
Projects from Fall 2000
The Teratogenic Effects of Vitamin A, Ethanol, and Heavy Metals on Early Human Development
 Medicinal Uses of Animal Toxins Dietary Supplements and  Brain Function   An Investigation in Non-Western Medicine
Neural tube defects in curly-tail mice. II. Effect of maternal administration of vitamin A M.J. Seller et al. Proc R Soc London 1979 vol206 95-107 Intravenous Ancrod for Treatment of Acute Ischemic Atroke: The STAT Study: a randomized controled trial D.G. Sherman et al. JAMA 2000 vol283 p2395-2403 Lead in Calcium Supplements: Cause for alarm or Celebration? R P Heaney JAMA 2000 vol284 1432-1433

Lead Content of Calcium Supplements. E.A. Ross et al. JAMA 2000 vol284 1425-1429

Stimulation of interleukin-1 and -6 production in alveolar macrophages by the neotropical liana, Uncaria tomentosa (Una de Gato) I Lemaire et al. J of Ethanopharmacology 1999 vol 64 109-115

Uncaria tomentosa (Willd.) D.C.: Cat's Claw, Una de Gato, or Saventaro K Reinhard. J of Alternative and Complementary Medecine 1999 vol5 143-151.

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