The Basics:
The following direction are for using Netscape Composer to create your website. Netscape is available on all departmental computers and in the campus computer labs. It is definitely not the most 'high-tech' webauthoring program out there but you all have access to it.

*  I'm overwhelmed and don't know where to begin. Help?!
*  How do I begin making a page?
*  How do I add color or change the background?
*  How do I insert an image?
*  The image is there but its HUGE, what do I do?

*Ok I have a page--how do I make all those cool connections?
Connecting between pages that you wrote

Connecting between your page and another source

*Everything I type now stays 'blue' how do I stop linking?

*How do I get my email link to work?

Putting your pages on the server (Posting):
Saving pages as '.html' and adding links in Netscape Composer is not the same thing as having them be part of the WWWeb. To do this you must save them onto the server.

***Server access requires a password. If you have forgotten ours ask me (I'm obviously not going to post it here)

*Using Dreamweaver to define a site and save pages on the server (Mac or PC)
*Using Fetch to save pages on the server (Mac users)