Bio 111 Lab Schedule - Dr. C. Fall 2011

Lab meets either at 8:15 am or 1:40 pm.

Your two oral presentations should be divided into four sections: Introduction; Materials and Methods; Results; Discussion. Each person will present one section and change sections for the second presentation. The oral presentations must be pledged to indicate each member participated substantially.

For your two written lab reports, each person must write his or her own (including figure legends), though you may confer about the content.The figure could be shared resources since they will be produced as a team.

Grading will be based on these grading rubrics.

Lab Manual Word Files
August 25

Evolution Project

Learning Goals

1) Safety Issues
2) VARK survey
3) How to Use a "Pipetman"
4) Start bacterial evolution experiment.
5) Start information experiment. Synthetic Biology Introduction

6) Registry of Parts
7) Touch of Greatness

Week #1

Practice Calculations

Learning Goals
September 1 Evolution Project

Before Lab...
1) Read Abstract
2) Watch Bacteria Swim

3) Create an account (top right link, the apply for account)

During Lab...
Evolution: analyze & record data
Information: find promoter & design oligos
Oligator web site
Add a part to the Registry
Take online skills Quiz #1

Week #2

Skills Quiz #1

September 8 Evolution Project

Evolution: antibiotic structure and function; design MIC experiment
Information: ligate promoter and transformation of bacteria

4 pm Wednesday...
one person from each group needs to come to Dr. C's lab to prepare the oligos

Before Lab...
Read evolution story

Listen to synthetic biology story (6 minutes)
Answer 4 questions

During Lab...
Information first, Evolution second PubChem
Ligation and transformation of DNA
Part BBa_J100028

Week #3
September 15 Evolution Project

Evolution: perform MIC experiment
Information: measure fluorescence, prepare for presentation

4 pm Wednesday...
one person from each group needs to come to Dr. C's lab to start cells growing

Before Lab...
Skim JAMA paper
Answer 4 questions

During Lab...
Evolution first
Information second

Week #4
September 22 Evolution Project

Before Lab...
Find out how bacteria become resistant to your chosen antibiotic.
Evolution simulation Swimbots
Answer 4 questions

During Lab...
Information: oral presentations (grading rubric)
Update wiki page for your promoter (experience tab)

Evolution: analyze & record data
read about bacterial evolution (paper 1, story 2007, story 2009, story 2011)
design evolution experiment
share ideas
revise and perform first evolution experiment

Week #5
Emergent Properties
Learning Goals
September 29 Evolution Project

Before Lab...
MRSA online reading
Read about slime mold
Watch 3 movies on slime mold

Answer 4 questions

During Lab...
Emergent Property: observe slime mold slugs and cells; design experiment
Evolution: perform evolution experiment

Week #6

Skills Quiz #2

October 6 Evolution Project

During Lab...
Good video of slime mold
Watch this animation, what is misleading?

Emergent Property: Watch elegant vidoe of slime mold
analyze slime mold data

Evolution: continue evolution experiments

Week #7
October 13 October 11
Fall Break Week
Week #8
October 20 Evolution Project

Slime Mold Diversity
slime mold in nature (German)


Evolution: continue evolution experiments
Emergent Property: reflect on results and gear up for simulation

Week #9
October 27 Evolution Project

Slime Mold Story NYTimes

Evolution: continue evolution experiments
Emergent Property: work with Slime-U-Later
Slime-U-Later Instructions
Written Responses to 4 Questions due Nov. 3

Week #10

Skills Quiz #3

Learning Goals
November 3 Evolution Project Evolution: final evolution experiment
Homeostasis: perform standard IDH assays
Week #11
November 10 Evolution Project

Evolution: collect final data
Homeostasis: analyze IDH data; design homeostasis experiment

Week #12

November 17 Evolution Project Evolution: oral presentations
Homeostasis: perform homeostasis experiments

Week #13

November 24

Thanksgiving Break

Week #14
December 1 Homeostasis: submit written report

no lab manual

Skills Quiz #4

Practice Calculations

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