AP Institute at Rice University: Synthetic Biology
June 29, 2011

Synthetic Biology

1. Introduction (Keynote; PPT)


2. iGEM Explained (PPT)


3. Registry of Standard Parts (Keynote; PPT)


4. Bacterial Computers (Keynote; PPT)


5. Who does synthetic biology? (Keynote; PPT)


6. Your reactions...



AP Redesign Curriculum

1) What's wrong with AP Biology now? (PPTx)


2) What did we produce to help AP teachers (http://mywiley.info/Campbell)?


3) Read sample Chapters or Sections

A. Origin of Life - Evolution at Molecular Level

B. A Fetus and Maternal Immunity - Emergent Property at Organismal Level

C. Photosynthesis - Homeostasis at the Cellular Level

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