Rocket Science or Basic Science?
A Consortium of Teachers Makes Genomic Methods Accessible

1. What is GCAT?
is a non-profit educational consortium designed to facilitate the use of genomic methods in the undergraduate curriculum, primarily through student-based research. GCAT uses a core facility, collective bargainingand shared experiencesto enable faculty members at any institution (not just the rich ones) to utilize genomic methods in a cost-effective manner.

2. Who is GCAT?
Members of GCAT are faculty members anywhere in the world who conduct research with undergraduates or want to bring genomic methods into their undergraduate laboratory courses.

3. Why is GCAT needed?
CAT is needed because as we just heard from David Botstein, we can't go back. Biology is being transformed with genomic research and we need to join the party. Our research will benefit and so will our students.


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