Helping Students Discover Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics

Assessment of Student Attitudes

Post-course reflections.


Assessment of learning outcomes

1.A. Pre- and post-course surveys on proteins - small gains.

Pre-course Survey
Post-course Survey
Score = 3.80 +/- 0.44
Score = 4.15 +/- 0.41
On the back of this page, draw a picture of an enzyme.


1.B. Genomics Entrance and Exit Exams - substantial improvement.


2. Four web assignments

Online Instructions and Online Results

I. Complexity of genomes – they choose popular press v. scientific

Analyze and predict:

II. DNA sequence analysis – 2 neighboring yeast genes; 1 known and 1 unknown

III. DNA microarray interpretations – same two genes

IV. Proteomics interpretations – same two genes; Design experiments to test your final predictions.

3. Three Exams administered during the semester; measure skills, creative thinking, and content knowledge.


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