Human Genome Module

Background Information

What were the goals of the Human Genome Initiative?

How is DNA sequenced?

Images of DNA sequencing

Is every base important? (human gender paper)

Is every base important? (sickle cell activity)

Compare ATP, dATP and ddATP structures (Jmol display of 3D structures)


Database Activities

Genome Browser (UCSC)

CFTR (cystic fibrosis)



HD (Huntington's Disease)

Bacterial Gene Hunt


Fava Bean


Whole Genome Comparisons (TIGR)

Compare two E. coli strains

M. genetalium

SNP Database (NCBI)

Explore SNP database

HapMap Search for SNPs


Assessment - very challenging


Sample Tests

One Exam with answers

Second Exam with answers

Reference: Campbell, A. M. Public Access for Teaching Genomics, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics. Cell Biology Education. 2003. Vol. 2: 98- 111.

Web Page Assignments

1) scientific v. popular press

2) YFYG sequences (linked known & unknown; YFYG = Your Favorite Yeast Gene)

3) YFYG expression data

Sample Student Pages

How to make web pages


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