DNA Microarray Printers and Scanners

Making a DNA Microarray

Scanning a DNA microarray

Choosing Dyes

Making a DNA Microarray

Hand-held Printer: for student projects and pilot studies ~$2,500 - $4,500

Medium Through-put Printer: for a few hundred spots and 45 chips/run ~$60,000

DNA Microarray Printed by Emily Oldham (Davidson College)


How Chips are Printed

Pins - miniature quill pins shaped like tiny nails

48 Pins in Holder During Print Run

Microarray Pin v. Fly Eye; Warhol Does Microarrays


Printing Machine

High Through-put Printer for Whole Genome Chips

See Small Movie

Scanning a DNA microarray

Review Article in The Scientist

ArrayWoRx e by Applied Precision, Inc.


Scanning Process


ScanArray by PerkinElmer Life Science


GenePix by Axon Instruments


Molecular Probes

CSU Workshop

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