North Carolina Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics Consoritum

Education Summit (first annual?)

April 29, 2002

A. Malcolm Campbell
Davidson College

Undergraduates as Revolutionaries

What are we doing now?

1) Courses

A. Lecture

B. Labs / Independent Studies / Research

2) Collaborations

A. Math and Biology - Across the Campus

B. GCAT - Across the Country

3) Assessment

A. Formal Educational Assessment

B. Practical and Intellectual

C. Career Shaping


What can we do next?

1) Teacher workshops - NCBC and hands-on training in methods and pedagogical uses

2) Collective Wisdom - Web site with protocols, syllabi, lab prep notes, etc.

3) Core Facilities - Centalized place for printing and reading chips, kits for experiments, etc.

4) Proteomics - 3D visualization, Crystalizing proteins, yeast two-hyrbid, protein microarrays, etc.

5) Curriculum Sharing - One stop shopping for links to relevant sites

6) Faculty Exchanges - short-term grants that allow faculty to learn from each other in situ

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