My Research Interests

Student-based Research

Emily Oldham and Dan Pierce (2003)

Danielle Choi ('04), Peter Lowry ('03) and Jennifer Madden ('02)

Pioneering Bar Code DNA Microarrays


Jackie Ryan ('06) developed student-friendly CGH protocol.

Rachel McCord ('04) built and Megan McDonald ('05) used optical tweezers.


Davidson College iGEM 2005 Team Photo at MIT

Andrew Drysdale ('07), Mac Cowell ('06), Kristen DeCelle ('06),
Tamar Odle ('08), Matt Gemberling ('06), Nick Cain ('06), Oscar Hernandez ('06)


Davidson College iGEM 2006 Team Photo at MIT

Lance Harden ('09), Erin Zwack ('08), Samantha Simpson ('09), Sabriya Rosemond (Hampton Univ. '08),
Dr. Karmella Haynes (HHMI Postdoc), Dr. Laurie J. Heyer (Mathematics Dept.), Dr. A. Malcolm Campbell (Biology)

Burnt Pancake Mathematical Problem


Building DNAPancake Stack - 2 Flippable DNA Pancakes


Davidson College iGEM 2007 Team Photo at MIT

Laurie Heyer, Amber Shoemaker (JCSU), Oyinade Adefuye (NCCU), A. Malcolm Campbell,
Andrew Martens, Jim Dickson, Will DeLoache, Mike Waters - Gold Medal Winners


Hamiltonian Path Problem Solved with Living Hardware

Pedagogical Research

Megan Shieffer ('03) views and John Kogoy ('03) grows lysozyme crystals.

Emily Wilson ('05), Alison Amore ('05), Erin Cobain ('05), Mai Sole ('05),
Sheena Bossie ('05), Joe DeRisi (visiting member), Megan McDonald ('05), Max Citrin ('05).

Logo designed, printed, and scanned by Mac Cowell ('06), Kristen DeCelle('06), and Matt Gemberling('06).


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