Call for Microarray Requests: 2011 - 2012 academic year
and Summer 2012

Deadline June 3, 2011
(except soybeans due April 29, 2011)

GCAT's Mission

It is that time again and with HHMI funding, we can be sure to obtain microarrays. Deadline for requesting microarrays, for the entire academic year and summer of 2012, is 5 pm on June 3, 2011 (except soybean). Please read over the requirements for participation.

Please keep in mind that GCAT purchases microarrays from academic labs and therefore, we cannot be 100% certain we can fill all requests (note we use the word request, not order). We will do our best to obtain each species and the number of requested microarrays.

You can see some of the student research papers here:

Copy and paste the indented table below into an email for Peggy Maiorano
Place numbers as appropriate. Provide the requested information.
Species, number requested, semester

For use after Sept. 1, 2011
For use after January 1, 2012
Arabidopsis Univ. AZ (only 31 available) Fall__________________ Spring__________________
Chicken Univ. AZ Fall__________________ Spring__________________
Drosophila UHN, Toronto, CA Fall__________________ Spring__________________
E. coli Univ. Alberta Fall__________________ Spring__________________
human Phalanx Biotech Group Fall__________________ Spring__________________
maize Univ. AZ
all chips pre-ordered
all chips pre-ordered
mouse Washington Univ. Fall__________________ Spring__________________
rat Washington Univ Fall__________________ Spring__________________
rice Univ. AZ
all chips pre-ordered
all chips pre-ordered
soybean Univ. IL
requests due April 29, 2011
requests due April 29, 2011
Streptomyces Univ. Surrey, UK Fall__________________ Spring__________________
tomato Cornell Univ. (only 53 available) Fall__________________ Spring__________________
yeast Washington Univ. Fall__________________ Spring__________________

Please include this information with your request:
Purchase Order number for your request:_______________

Shipping address:__________________________________
Mailing address if different:_________________________
Phone number:____________________________________

Fall chips will be shipped in late August. Spring chips shipped in late January. Invoices are shipped with the microarrays and the end user is responsible for getting the invoice to the payment office at his or her institution.

Costs are $60 for the first microarray per species, per semester, and $20 for each additional microarray per semester, per species. The $20 pays for the scanning (as per NSF agreement) and the extra $40 covers the shipping and packaging costs (shipping charges have gone up a lot due to fuel costs). All microarrays are paid for from several HHMI grants.

If your institution prefers purchase orders, we can now accept those. Please send the PO number with your request and we will send an invoice with the purchase order number on it.

If you want any species except yeast, then we suggest you get all the arrays at one time since they have been printed all at the same time. Yeast chips are printed twice a year so you can get fresher ones if you split your order but it does result in an extra $40 shipping cost. However, we have scanned 2-year-old microarrays and they worked fine. It may not be worth the trouble and expense to split your order and you are welcome to get all your yeast chips in a single shipment.

Please read over the requirements for participation.

Primarily, GCAT is for undergraduates only and all participants must participate in the online assessment.

If you have any questions or would like to participate, contact Dr. A. Malcolm Campbell

Dr. A. Malcolm Campbell, Director of GCAT
Biology Department
Davidson College
P. O. Box 7118 (US Mail)
209 Ridge Road (Ground Delivery)
Davidson, NC 28035-7118

phone: (704) 894-2692
fax: (704) 894-2512

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