Lessons from DNA Microarrays

1) Unknown Genes

2) Cancer Diagnosis

Unknown Genes - "guilt by association"

Can we use DNA microarrays to predict cellular roles for "unknown genes"?

Guilt by association means if 3 out of four genes are known and the unknown one appears to be coordinately regulated, then perhaps the unknown gene has a related function.


Two examples from DeRisi et al. diauxic shift paper:

Seven Repressed Genes

Seven Induced Genes


Potential for Improved Cancer Treatment with DNA Microarrays
Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL)

69 tissue samples and 17,000 genes

Recluster DLBCL samples using Germinal Center and Activated B-cell genes

Correlation of DNA microarray analysis and clinical outcomes of patients

(all figures with permission of Pat Brown)


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