Tutorial: How to Use Your Compound Microscope Properly

This tutorial will show you the major parts of the Olympus CH30 microscopes we will use in Biology 111. There is text in your lab manual, so this tutorial should be used in conjunction with the lab manual. The tutorial combines an image map with movies. Everywhere you see a blue box, you may click on that to either zoom in for a closer look, or watch a short movie illustrating the proper use of the microscope. If the image map does not work on your computer, you may use the list of parts below.

The Scope - with Image Map of Parts

Individual Parts: Closer Views and MPEG Movies for Proper Use

1) Ocular (see movie adjusting oculars - focus or width)

2) Objective Lenses (see movie adjusting height or illumination)

3) Stage (see movie for placing a slide on stage or centering slide)

4) Condenser Adjustment Contol (see movie of adjusting height)

5) Light Switch Control (see movie turning on light)

6) Coarse and Fine Focus

7) X-Y Stage Movement Control (see movie centering slide)

8) Putting the Microscope Away

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