Standards for Web Pages in Immunology

  1. General Web Standards
  2. Standars for Your Favorite Immunology Protein (YFIP)
    Due 2 PM March 17
  3. Standards for term paper on a immune-related disease, illness, or condition
    Due 2 PM April 24
  4. Immunology Student Pages

General Standards for Web Pages

These assignments are designed to let you practice what you have learned during the semester. To maximize the educational value of these assignments, you may work in groups for the technical aspects, but producing the content must be done on an individual baiss. This work is covered by the Honor Code and if you have any doubts, please ask me. See the Department's plagiarism policy for further guidence.

There are certain guidelines I want you to follow for all your web pages for this course:

Before you create your first web assignment, you should take a few minutes to think about your overall web site. You are going to produce at least two web pages. To make it easier for everyone to read your pages, you should have a "front page" that you must call "home.html". I will create a link to your front page and it will be easier for me if all of you use the same file name. From this front page, you can gradually add relative links to your web pages as you produce them. This front page is where you may put any bells and whistles that you want to have fun with your web page. I will only grade its functionality (i.e. do all the links work, are all the images visible, etc.)

I have provided a list of web resources that may help you with some aspects of creating web pages. If you have never created a web page before, tell me ASAP.

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Guidelines for your home page on Your Favorite Immunology Protein (YFIP)
Due 2 PM March 17

Your assignment is to select a protein or molecule that has an important function in the immune system. You can choose any protein except one of the MHC's or an antibody. I would prefer you to choose a protein we discussed in class but one which is not currently a hyperlink on the reading schedule. Before you choose, do a Google search for your protein and the word Davidson to see if it has been done before. If so, keep looking. When making your selection, you might want to keep the following questions in mind:





Technical Issues

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Guidelines for your term paper on a immune-related disease
(choice must be cleared with instructor first)
Due 2 PM April 26

Your assignment is to write a term paper the describes an immune disease or condition. You should choose something you are interested in, but also balance that against choices of students from past courses. Ideally, you'd choose something that could use in future years.

Topic Selection:

Content of Your Paper:



Technical Issues:

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