Series of Short Lectures on Chemokines

This lecture series was produced at the University of Stony Brook, School of Medicine, Pathology Department and permission for reproduction of these images and recording was graciously provided by Dr. Frederick Miller, MD, Chairman, Pathology.

Below are thumbnail versions of each slide. If you click on one, you will get a larger view and hear the mini-lecture. Due to platform (Mac v. PC) and browser differences (Netscape and IE), I have embedded two copies of each lecture to maximize the number of people who can hear the mini-lectures. If your computer can handle both versions, just use the control bar to turn one off and listen to the other one.

Introduction to Chemokine Families and the Cells They Affect

The Role of Chemokines in Homing to Inflammation

Tissue Distribution of Chemokines

Chemokines' Ability to Block HIV Infection

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