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Unlike all of the other students in this Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics class, I am not a biology major, but an Economics major.  However, I find Genetics and its applications to be both fascinating and elemental in understanding the multitude of innovations and developments that will characterize the next century of medicine.  As the popularization of the computer led to the explosion of the technology age, so will the practical availability of genetic information result in the biology age.  Most people I talk to don't even know what Genomics is, let alone Proteomics or Bionformatics.  Ten years ago, most people didn't know what the internet was, let alone realize the implications it would have on both their personal and professional lives.  Prepare yourself for the next revolution.

This page will contain all of the links to the pages I design while learning to think as a geneticist.  I will try to select topics that are interesting to those of us who are not biology majors, in turn, showing the widest range of people the important implications this field of study will hold in our lives.  I hope you enjoy it.

D-FosB Gene influences addiction with cocaine, heroin, nicotine, alcohol, PCP or angel dust users.

Ras1 is my favorite yeast gene, as it plays a significant role in the aging process in yeast and mamallian species.

Here, I use microarray data to analyze both Ras1 and YMR086W.

Finally, I look into the protein function of both my genes.

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