Elizabeth Shafer's Genomics Web Assignments


Assignment 1: Dopamine and Addiction

Review of articles from the popular press and scientific journals dealing with genomic basis of addiction and dopamine's role in involvement.

Assignment 2: Saccharomyces' Gene

Outlines the function and structure of Saccharomyces' gene MATA1, which is involved in cell mating type. Reveals nucleotide and amino acid sequence and predicted function of Saccharomyces ORF YEL068C.

Assignment 3: Saccharomyces' ORF Expression

Outlines the expression patterns of Saccharomyces' gene HO and unannotated gene YEL068C.

Assignment 4: Saccharomyces' Protein

Explores databases to determine protein function and protein-protein interaction for MATA1 and YEL068C. Includes a hypothetical experiment design to attempt to determine the function of YEL068C.

Last updated: 9 November 2001

*These webpages are a part of an undergraduate assignment

Instructor: Dr. Macolm Campbell


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