Saccharomyces cervesisiae (Bakers' and Brewers' Yeast)

Yeast picture provided by Peter Hollenhorst and Catherine Fox

Saccharomyces cervesisiae, commonly known as bakers' yeast, has been used as a model organims in scientific experiences for many years because of its quick generation time and small haploid genome. With recent advancements in genomic technology, researchers have sequenced the Saccharomyces' genome and begun annotating genes found. This webpage is devoted to the summation of one Saccharomyces annotated gene and to the investigation of one Saccharomyces' ORF with no known function.

Two of my favorite Saccharomyces cervesisiae's genes!

Annotated Gene : MATA1- Mating Type Protein A1

Open Reading Frame: YEL068C

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