Who does research that looks at complex circuits?

Alan Aderem - faculty member and Associate Director, Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle; immunologist

John Aitchison - faculty member, Institute for Systems Biology, yeast biologist

Lee Hartwell - President and Director of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; yeast geneticist

Leroy Hood - President of the Institute for Systems Biology, immunologist

Trey Ideker - graduate student, Institute for Systems Biology

Geroge Lake - faculty member, Institute for Systems Biology, astronomer and computer modeler

Michael Pierce - faculty member, University of Georgia Biochemistry and Genetics Departments, glycobiology and glycomics research

Jennifer Smith - postdoctoral fellow, Institute for Systems Biology, yeast biologist (and new mother)

Vesteinn Thorsson - researcher in computational biology, Institute for Systems Biology

Robin Wright - associate professor of Zoology, University of Washington, Seattle, yeast cell biologist

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