Unit Three

Whole-Genome Perspective

Chapter 7: Genomic Circuits in Single Genes

Section 7.1 Dissecting a Gene's Circuitry

  • How do genomes control individual genes?
  • How does a gene control location, timing, and quantity of transcription?
  • What does module G do?
  • Can we apply engineering and computer science concepts to genes?

Section 7.2 Intergrating Single-Gene Circuits

  • How can we describe to others what we know about a genome circuit?
  • Can we visualize circuits for protein interaction and DNA binding?

Chapter 8: Integrated Genomic Circuits


Section 8.1 Simple Integrated Circuits

  • Can genes form toggle switches and make choices?
  • Can humans engineer a genetic toggle switch?
  • Can humans build a synthetic circadian clock from a toggle switch design?
  • If switches are so noisy, how can multi-cellular organisms develop?
  • Redundancy: is it really beneficial to have more than one copy of a gene?

Math Minutes:

8.1 How are stochastic models applied to cellular processes?


Section 8.2 Complex Integrated Circuits

  • Are circuits the key to learning?
  • Can we understand cancer better by understanding its circuitry?
  • If circuits are interconnected, does gene order matter?

Math Minutes:

8.2 Is it possible to predict steady-state behavior?


Chpater 9: Modeling Whole-Genome Circuits

Section 9.1 Is genomics a new perspective?

  • The people involved: Who is doing systems biology?
  • The quality of the message: What questions do systems biologists ask?

Section 9.2 Can we model entire eukaryotes with a systems approach?

  • How do yeast adapt to new food sources?
  • Genomics vs. Proteomics
  • Building a systems model
  • Context of the message

Section 9.3 Will systems biology go systemic?

Methods for Genomic Circuits

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