How can I place my cover slip perfectly?

Cynthia Horst at Carroll College developed a really good method to lower cover slips. You need your target DNA microarray, an extra glass slide, the appropriate sized cover slip, and a number 21 gauge needle.

Place your target DNA microarray on the top of a pipet box. The one in this photo is turned on its side.

Pipet the hybe solution on your spots near the label.

Hold a clean glass slide in your hand along the edge of your spots, near the bar code or printed label. Do NOT touch the hybe solution.

Place the cover slip right next to the glass slide. Place the beveled edge of the needle against the cover slip (pointing up).

Slowly lower the cover slip until the hybe solution spreads across the width of the cover slip.

Lower the cover slip until the hybe solution cover about 80% of the spots and then slowly lift the cover slip until the hybe solution only covers about 25% of your spots. Repeat this process between 3-5 times.

Finally, lower the cover slip completely, but slowly, to force out any air. If you trap an air bubble, you can try to tap the slide, not the cover slip, to see if the bubble will move to an edge.

Whatever you do, do NOT try to lift the cover slip once it is down. This will create scratches (see trouble shooting page).

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