This website was created for a class entitled Genetically Modified Organisms at Davidson College. This seminar fulfills a biology major requirement and is taught by Dr. Karen Bernd.



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The purpose of this website is to inform and educate the facts about the edible medications to the general public.  This website describes what the difference between genetically modified foods that produce vaccines, antibodies (plantibodies) and biopharmaceuticals.  On of the pages of this site displays the different methods that are utilized to engineer the different types of edible medications.  Finally, we provide the current arguments that outline the possible benefits and consequences of using edible medications.


David Shelburne -- The History & Future of Vaccinations

Paul Toran -- Transgenic Methods : The Illuminating Power & Contraversy





This webpage was created by David Shelburne ’04 & Paul Toran ’03 as an assignment for an

undergraduate course—Bio 361: Genetically Modified Organisms—at Davidson College.


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