Final Paper
Your final paper is to be an extension/ expansion of your website project. Possibilities include picking one area mentioned in the site and expand upon it, adding a new region of content, or providing connections between your project and other topics we have covered in the course. Please note that it must be somehow related to the topic introduced in your website. If you have questions about your topic--ask!

Content: (things that paper must have)
  • To answer your most burning question-- it must be between 8 and 10 pages in length. 1.5 space, 12pt Times or Times New Roman font. Do not include a cover page.
  • It is a paper. It should be written in standard paper format containing an introduction to your topic, expansion and discussion of relevant and interesting points and a conclusion that ties it all together.
  • It must be turned in as a link to your project homepage. This means you will have to update your project homepage to include links to these papers.
  • It must be saved to the bio server in the correct folder. Save it into your project folder.
  • It must have internal references and a page that lists those references. (In other words it must use endnotes and have a bibliography) Use the formats listed in the journal Cell for text references and in 'Online' for electronic ones. URLs are and

Please contact me if you would like input or help determining a topic or working on drafts.
Hard copy of a rough draft or detailed outline of the paper are
due on April 22. I will make comments and have it back to you by 8:30am Monday.

The final paper must be posted to the bioserver by midnight on Thursday April 29th.

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