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1 Lead by M. Chase and M. Siegenthaler

2 Lead by G. Watson and L. Estes 3 Lead by L. Halpin and T. Maloney

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4 Lead by D. Shelburne and P. Toran
5 Lead by P. Lowry and L. Powell
6 Lead by M. Estes and A. Johnston

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Student Webprojects and Final Papers-- Final Papers are found as links from the project homepages.
Herbicide and Pesticide Resistance
Graham Watson and Lane Estes

Genetic Modifications for
Medicinal Purposes:

David Shelburne and Paul Toran

Plant Stress
Meghan Estes and Amy Johnston
Herbicides: Usage, Design and Development
Mike Chase and Monica Siegenthaler
'Feeding the world'
Lauran Halpin and Tara Maloney


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