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Students in my seminar are required to provide course resources in the form of webpages. In the 'early days' this assignment included a 'pre-assignment' where students learned the technology of webauthoring by preparing a personal hompage. In recent semesters I have found that that assignment was not necessary as a majority of the students in the class already had personal webpages or had prepared websites for other classes.

Below are the directions for the original assignment. Directions for the later pages can be found as links from that semester's seminar homepage. The personal webpages should include links to sites on other, course related, topics.

Explanation and Guidelines for the PERSONAL HOMEPAGE

This assignment has two main goals. Through it completion you should:

The website you create must follow the guidelines listed below:

Site Content guidleines

Site Presentation guidelines The organization of your site is left to your descretion. To get started you may use this template.

List of Student Pages
Spring 2004
'GM People': People who speak out about genetic modification-- Who are they and what are their arguments? A description of the project is found in Course Information
Jose Bove
by Jim Antoon
Satish Kumar
by Helen Nguyen
Lord Melchett of England
by Ashley Cain
Norman Borlaug
by Sarah Parker

Prince Charles of England
by Dan Cheuy

Camila Montecinos
by Kevin Saunders
C. S. Prakash
by Will Greendyke
Mae-Wan Ho
by Matt Talbert
Vandana Shiva
by Leigh Anne Hoskins
Jeremy Rifkin
by William Wood
Thomas Sowell
by Nicole Hesson
Arpad Pusztai
by Chris Wrobleski
'GM Events': Developments in the lab, the courtroom, the media and the government. A description of the project is found in Course Information
The EU and Bt corn-- Past and Present Stances
by Jim Antoon
Monsanto Develops Terminator Technology
by Helen Nguyen
The Development of Golden Rice
by Ashley Cain
The Beginning of the Green Revolution: Borlaug's Wheat
by Sarah Parker

Approval Required for Monsanto's GM Crops
by Dan Cheuy

Plight of Protestors
by Kevin Saunders
Egypt vs Thailand: Embargos and GMC Detection
by Will Greendyke
From Arabidopsis to Super Cabbage
by Matt Talbert
Bt and Butterflies
by Leigh Anne Hoskins
Transgenic Pets: The Glowfish
by William Wood
Debate and Policies on Labeling GM foods
by Nicole Hesson
The Development of Genetically Modified Fish
by Chris Wrobleski

Fall 2002
Agrobacterium mediated gene transfer by David Shelburne The Rice Genome Sequencing Projects by Lauran Halpin
Electroporation by Paul Toran Overview of a plant model system: Arabidopsis by Tara Maloney
Plant tissue culture by Amy Johnston SNPs and VNTRs by La Powell
Invasive Species by Mike Chase Gene gun mediated gene transfer by Graham Watson
RT-PCR by Peter Lowry Expression plasmids (with emphasis Agrobacterium Ti plasmid) by Monica Siegenthaler
Southern and Northern Blots by Lane Estes Plant breeding by Meghan Estes
Student Webprojects and Final Papers-- Final Papers are found as links from the project homepages.
Herbicide and Pesticide Resistance
Graham Watson and Lane Estes

Genetic Modifications for
Medicinal Purposes:

David Shelburne and Paul Toran

Plant Stress
Meghan Estes and Amy Johnston
Herbicides: Usage, Design and Development
Mike Chase and Monica Siegenthaler
'Feeding the world'
Lauran Halpin and Tara Maloney


Fall 2001
Jeffrey Cone '02 Julie Ivins '02
Max Dubuisson '03 Amy Johnston '03
Lane Estes '03 John Kogoy '03
Joey Ferguson '02 Andre Marques '02
Lauran Halpin '03 Paul Toran '03

Fall 2000
Dax Allred '01 Nate Leachman '01
Machelle Borders '01 Ikenna Myers '01
Andre Carelock '01 Charlie Shaw '01
Amber Clarke '02 Brad Stevinson '02
Matt Dixon '03 Robert Zsoldos '02
Ben Edwards '02

Spring 2000
Win Adams '00 Angela Fisher '00
Alex Balbir '00 Bo Henderson '01
Sarah Brautigam '01 Anna Holland '00
Grayson Carter '00 Matt Perny '00
Kara Chisholm '00 Shannon Riedley '00
Rowan Driscoll '00 Jennifer Scott '00

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