Bio113 Weekly Lab Resources
(100% in person)

A. Malcolm Campbell, Fall 2022 

27 Aug Week 1: community building, pipets, serial dilutions, GenBio-MAPS if first intro bio course

1) Community Building    (Morning Recording) (Afternoon Recording)

2) Serial Dilutions

3) GenBio-MAPS for those taking their first college biology course

Thank you for completing this biology assessment. Your responses will help us to improve how we teach biology, so it is important that you answer to the best of your ability. Please do not use outside resources to help you complete this assessment.


The assessment contains 15 biology questions and will take roughly 20-40 minutes to complete.


Each question consists of a scenario, followed by a series of true/false statements. Based on the information given and your knowledge about biology, select true or false for each of the true/false statements. Once you have answered all of the statements, click the "right arrow" at the bottom of the page to move on to the next question. Once you have clicked the “right arrow” at the bottom of the page, you cannot go back to that question.


General Instructions for Completing the Assessment

1. Complete the assessment in a single session. Be sure to select “submit” before closing your browser in order to receive credit for completing the test.

2. Complete the assessment on either a laptop or a desktop computer. Do not complete the assessment on a phone or tablet, as the questions and or figures may not be visible.


Local Institutional Information

The Biology Department Faculty want our curriculum to be effective in aiding your development and success. In order to assess our curriculum we need to know how Davidson students perform in their first college biology course and then determine if improvement occurs between that baseline data and data collected from Biology majors after a two semesters of introductory biology and during their final semester. Our analysis relies on you providing your best effort in this assessment. This assessment is being administered within your class as part of normal course practices, and you will be awarded a small amount of credit for completing the survey, as determined by your course instructor. After the survey is complete, there will be a series of demographic questions.


3 Sep Week 2: Boil and Cool oligos, Golden Gate Assembly, transformation, plating for version 1

Golden Gate Assembly (GGA) and Transformation       (Morning Recording) (Afternoon Recording)

10 Sep Week 3: Colonies on plate, picking colonies, grow in LB amp (100 µg/mL) for version 1

Pick colonies and grow overnight   (Morning: 1st 5 min; 4Qs; Q&A about PPTs) (Afternoon: 1st 5 min; 4Qs & videos; PPTs)

17 Sep Week 4: read fluorescence, start PCR for version 1

Measure phenotype, start PCR genotyping  (Morning Recording) (Afternoon Recording)

24 Sep Week 5: gel electrophoresis and oral presentation preparation for version 1

Run agarose gel to determine promoter size    (Morning Recording) (Afternoon Recording)

1 Oct Week 6: oral presentations and work on V2 promoter designs

Communicating Science to Colleagues    (Morning Recording) (Afternoon Recording)

8 Oct Week 7: Golden Gate Assembly, transformation, plating for version 2

Repeat process for making dsDNA, GGA, transformation and plating   (Morning Recording) (Afternoon Recording)

15 Oct Week 8: Colonies on plate, picking colonies (plus X1 from v1), grow in LB amp (100 µg/mL)for version 2

Repeat picking colonies + colony X1 from V1 promoter   (Morning Recording) (Afternoon Recording)

22 Oct Week 9: read fluorescence, do minipreps, nanodrop DNA and calculate dilutions

Repeat process of measuring fluorescence, extract DNA from cells     (Morning Recording) (Afternoon Recording)

29 Oct Week 10: dilute DNA, send off for sequencing

Send off DNA to be sequenced       (Morning Recording) (Afternoon Recording)

5 Nov Week 11: Clustal Omega DNA sequence alignment

Analyze promoter sequences      (Morning Recording) (Afternoon Recording)

12 Nov Week 12: work on lab report

Prepare Final Lab Report      (Morning Recording) (Afternoon Recording)

19 Nov Week 13: lab report due, graduate fellowships, course evaluations, GenBio-MAPS if last intro bio course

Last lab meeting     (Morning Recording) (Afternoon Recording)

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