How to get started with Dreamweaver (DW)

Option 1: start with a template

Option 2: Start with blank page

Option 1: Start with a Template. Go to <> using your favorite browser.

When the page is open, choose "Save As" under the file menu:

Then name the file "home.html" if this is your first page.

You can save the file onto your desktop for now. Later, you will store this file on the BioServer.

All you have to do now is open this saved file with Dreamweaver. Images will not work, but you can modify the content while keeping the style you liked.


Option 2: Start with a blank page.

To do this, just launch DW and start typing.

Be sure to give your page a title using the window at the top of the DW window.

Select the title option in the left frame.

Other general guidelines can be found on the template page and the Molecular Biology Course page.

Now you are ready to create images of your own.

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