Forensic Serology Seminar

Dr. Bernd: Spring 2012

Spr '12


Forensic Serology is the study of blood, semen, saliva, or sweat in matters pertaining to the law.  This seminar will focus on the science behind the courthouse headlines as we discuss the biological theory and analytical techniques that provide the basis for forensic serology. Topics will include the composition of blood and semen; the molecular basis for enzymatic and antibody based analytical techniques, DNA analysis (RFLPs, VNTRs and SNPs), modes of inheritance of different markers (nuclear or mitochondrial DNA and protein).  We will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of applying these techniques to samples collected in ‘real life’ situations and the potential ethical implications of DNA databases like CODIS.  In addition to participating in discussions of technical literature, students will give multiple oral presentations to the class and to public audiences and participate in debates.

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Blood typing and the Ochterlony (double diffusion) test
FS'05 students present 'The Case of the Kidnapped Co-ed' to Boy Scouts
FS'06 student present "Blood hunters"(complete with CSI-Davidson video) to 25 8th graders.

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