Providing Genomics Curriculum for Undergraduates

A. Malcolm Campbell


Define genomics

Course materials available

Combining teaching with research

Online Resources (developed with Laurie Heyer, mathematician)


DNA Microarrays

Introduction to Microarray Method

DNA Microarray Animation

Teaching Chips (do-it-yourself chips)

Bar code Microarrays

Free Software for Data Analysis

Comparative Genome Hybridization (CGH)

Jackie Ryan's 2006 Honors Research on CGH


Synthetic Biology

What is Synthetic Biology?

What can undergraduates do?

How can we get started?

Matt Gemberling's 2006 Honors Research with Antiswitches


Genome Sequencing Projects

Sarah Elgin at Washington University

Columbia University's May Gathering


How can I introduce genomics into the curriculum?

DNA Chip Simulations


Is there a community of like-minded faculty?

GCAT (Genome Consortium for Active Teaching)


Can I go to a free workshop to get trained?


Biology Department

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