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What are genetically modified organisms? How long have they been around? How to you make them? Are they dangerous? Are certain kinds ok but others not? The Websites that follow look at these questions and contain information about the people and events surrounding the use of GMOs and scientific developments that make them possible. All websites were created by Davidson College Students to fulfill requirements of this course.

'GM People': People who speak out about genetic modification-- Who are they and what are their arguments? A description of the project is found in Course Information
Jose Bove
by Jim Antoon
Satish Kumar
by Helen Nguyen
Lord Melchett of England
by Ashley Cain
Norman Borlaug
by Sarah Parker

Prince Charles of England
by Dan Cheuy

Camila Montecinos
by Kevin Saunders
C. S. Prakash
by Will Greendyke
Mae-Wan Ho
by Matt Talbert
Vandana Shiva
by Leigh Anne Hoskins
Jeremy Rifkin
by William Wood
Thomas Sowell
by Nicole Hesson
Arpad Pusztai
by Chris Wrobleski

'GM Events': Developments in the lab, the courtroom, the media and the government. A description of the project is found in Course Information
The EU and Bt corn-- Past and Present Stances
by Jim Antoon
Monsanto Develops Terminator Technology
by Helen Nguyen
The Development of Golden Rice
by Ashley Cain
The Beginning of the Green Revolution: Borlaug's Wheat
by Sarah Parker

Approval Required for Monsanto's GM Crops
by Dan Cheuy

Plight of Protestors
by Kevin Saunders
Egypt vs Thailand: Embargos and GMC Detection
by Will Greendyke
From Arabidopsis to Super Cabbage
by Matt Talbert
Bt and Butterflies
by Leigh Anne Hoskins
Transgenic Pets: The Glowfish
by William Wood
Debate and Policies on Labeling GM foods
by Nicole Hesson
The Development of Genetically Modified Fish
by Chris Wrobleski

Student- lead Discussions: Papers chosen during the semester and available to class participants through Blackboard

Three Articles:
Cohen, E. 2001. Genetically modified monkey could be key to curing some diseases.

Gott, M. 2002. Ethical Issues relating to transgenic animal production. ANZCCART News 15:1-4.

Larrick, JW, and Thomas, DW. 2001. Producing proteins in transgenic plants and animals. Curr Opin Biotech. 12: 411-418

Discussion leaders: J. Antoon. D.Cheuy, and W. Wood

Three Articles:
Kishore, G. and Shewmaker, C. 1999. Biotechnology: Improving human nutrition in developing and developed worlds. PNAS 96: 5968-5972.

Chong, M. 2003. Acceptance of Golden Rice in the Phillipine 'Rice Bowl'. Nature Biotech. 21: 971-972

Ania, T. et al. 2003. Improvement of rice (Oryza sativa L.) seed oil quality through introduction of a soybean microsomal omega-3 fatty acid desaturase gene. Plant Cell Rep 21: 988-992

Discussion leaders: A. Cain, W. Greendyke and L. Hoskins


Martello, Angela.1991 Bioremediation: Cleaning up with Biology and Technology. The Scientist 5[1]:0

Hong-Xia Zhang; Joanna N. Hodson; John P. Williams; Eduardo Blumwald (2001) Engineering Salt-Tolerant Brassica Plants: Characterization of Yield and Seed Oil Quality in Transgenic Plants with Increased Vacuolar Sodium Accumulation. PNAS 98:12832-12836.

Discussion leaders: H. Nguyen, K. Saunders, and C.Wrobleski

C.U. Engineers New Rice Strain by Phillip Lane, Cornell Daily Sun, November 26, 2002

Crisis in the Cupboard: Big Threats to the World's Crops. Africa News Service, November 12, 2003

Discussion leaders: N. Hesson, M. Talbert, and S. Parker

Webprojects and Final Papers: Final Papers found as links on project homepages.
Medicinal Uses of GM Organisms
By Jim Antoon. Dan Cheuy, and William Wood
Using GM to Increase Crop's Nutritional Value
By Ashley Cain, Will Greendyke and Leigh Anne Hoskins
GM Organisms and Their Effect on the Environment
By Helen Nguyen, Kevin Saunders, and Chris Wrobleski

Using GM to Increase Crop Viability: A Farmer's Dream?
By Nicole Hesson, Matt Talbert, and Sarah Parker

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